About Me


Hi! Welcome and thank you so much for visiting my work! I am Brandie Coe, owner and artist of Brandie Coe Photography (that’s me on the left with my little munchkin, Jaxon).  After 10 years of posing in front of the camera as a model and in the film industry, I have always held a deep appreciation for the art of producing images that capture the richness of detail, colour, and emotion so often missed in our day-to-day lives.  Being pregnant with our first child was the push needed to start my dream of capturing the beautiful moments I was experiencing involved in bringing a new life into the world.

Quickly realizing how fleeting every moment is in the first months of having Jaxon, newborn and baby photography quickly became my specialty – I wanted to create timeless pieces of art that are deeply and emotionally personal to new moms and dads. 

I have since photographed hundreds of newborns and have grown incredible relationships with my clients.  Looking back gives me the greatest joy as I have created memories that will last a lifetime to each and everyone of these families.

Fun Facts about me:

  • I body doubled for Uma Therman
  • Eloped in Tuscany, Italy marrying my best friend
  • I am an over user of smiley faces and heart emoticons! (Oh yes, and explanation marks!!)
  • Chocolate is my biggest weakness. You will never find any in our home as it will be eaten within minutes…
  • My current cameras: Nikon D4 and Nikon D800
  • Lighting: Studio and natural light indoors, natural light outdoors
  • I started shooting professionally in 2011
  • My style is: Dreamy. Colourful. Timeless. I have a great eye for detail and I only book a limited amount of clients per month to ensure the best experience and each image is carefully hand edited into a masterpiece that will be begging to be hung on your walls!

If you like what you see and are looking for a photographer that specializes in fine art Newborn portraits please send me an email to brandiecoe@gmail.com or simply click the contact button at the top of this page. I cannot wait to hear from you!!