Ava | 17 days new

This little sweet pea and her amazing parents visited me on day 17 and even though I normally photograph newborns between 5-10 days, Ava was incredible and a dream to work with. She slept for most of her session and when she woke up I got to see how beautiful her eyes are. We all had a great laugh when I tried to swaddle her in many different wraps but some how Ava managed to kick through them in seconds. She is one strong baby girl!!!

newborn-baby-girl-and-parentsnewborn-baby-girl-and-parents-2newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-3newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-4I LOVED this sign that Ava’s parents brought to her session! How perfect is this?! I thought it must be custom made from etsy but they found it at Homesense!!! newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-5newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-7newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-8Even at 17 days new I was able to pose Ava in this position and she loved it! I LOVE when their little toes curl up to their elbows. They look like they are back in the womb and this is obviously a very comforting position for them:)
newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-9newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-6newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-10newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-11Okay so I must write something about how amazing Ava’s parents are! The moment they stepped in my door, I knew I was going to have a great day with them. My nanny also commented after the shoot that when she was leaving she thought “I am leaving her in great company and she is going to have a fantastic session with these 3”.  Tanya and Kyle, you two without a doubt are AMAZING people and incredible parents with the biggest hearts. Thank you for sharing your sweet baby girl with me. I am so excited for you all over this next year and all that comes with being new parents. Just when you think you love this age the best… they turn a month older and then thats your favourite:)It just keeps getting better and better. So enjoy and I cannot wait to see you all in the future and she how much your angle has grown!newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-12newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-13newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-14newborn-baby-girl-and-parents-15




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