Baby J | Her birth story through from her Aunty's side! -

Baby J | Her birth story through from her Aunty’s side!

This time last year I dropped Jaxon off for an hour and a half of gradual entry Kindergarten and headed to Starbucks to kill time in between. As I sipped my coffee I got an exciting call from my brother in law letting me know that Ashley was in labour and to get to North Vancouver like now….. I rushed back to the school and anxiously waited for Jaxon to get released from class. I remember how frustrated I felt when Jaxon was first in line but due to forgetting to do a task, was sent to the end of the line lol!!!! What are the chances?! As soon as he got to me we flew into the car and onto highway 1 (Thank goodness for HOV lanes as the traffic was still pretty heavy). As soon as we parked at my moms to call and get an update, my brother in law told me that they were sent home from the hospital and it would be a long wait… another 8-10 hours long! We spent the day with my Dad and once the clock hit 7:30pm I realized that baby wasn’t coming today so we headed home to await the news. Since my sister had asked me to photograph the birth I had everything ready at the door and headed to bed.

At 4am my mom called me to tell me that my poor sis had a really tough night and after hours of trying, they decided to bring her in for a C section. They told me to stay put and they would call me back with the news. My other sister and I got on the phone and it felt like Christmas Morning. We were full of giggles and excitement and just could not wait for the BIG news! My sis and I both thought they were going to have a Boy but since this little one gave Ashley quite the joy ride…..well lets not say Joy hahah- this must be a baby girl!

Mom called me back on face time and said she was in the room with our new baby and the second she showed me Josie’s sweet little face… I lost it…. insert ugly cry! She was the most beautiful baby girl I have ever laid eyes on! Since I had 2 sweet little boys and the most adorable little nephew, a girl was the PERFECT new addition! I dreamed of having a little lady of my own in my life and after having 2 boys myself I realized that Josie is that little girl I wished for. This past year has been filled with so much love and my sister and I have grown so close to one another. A month before she was set to go back to work, I felt so sad knowing that our daily lengthy chats were narrowing in. Josie has taught the boys to be gentle and careful not to scare her when the run around growling and screaming… she’s a sensitive soul but boy can she keep up with them!

We cannot wait to share so many more memories with this sweet little soul we all call Josie:)xoxoxo







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