January 1, 2012 | 9:17 PM : First self portrait of 2012

Happy New Year!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful & safe holiday this year. I have decided to challenge myself as a photographer by taking on a 365 day photo project. I will be taking a photo a day and posting them up here on the blog to share with you all.  This picture was challenging for me to make sure I manually focused in the right place (on the palm) and jumped into the photo blowing glitter before the timer went off!

In INSPIRATION of this picture, I would LOVE to share with you my New Years Resolutions for 2012!

1. The obvious…. 365 day photo challenge

2. do 5 new things on my BUCKET LIST!

3. Be more ADVENTUROUS (I started the New Year off by plunging into the Winter Cold water at English Bay during the Polar Bear swim..I still can’t believe i had the guts to go through with it! I thought “If I can grow a baby for 9 months and give birth..then I can definitely do this!!!!)

4. Get Organized

5. Polish my photography skills to a “T”

Cheers Everyone and Welcome to the New Year!!!



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