Every Super Hero has a secret!

Our little super hero turns 3 today!

Dear Jaxon,

As I write this letter to you, I can’t help but cry as I look at how you’ve become such a big little boy.  You are affectionate, kind-hearted, and have a sense of humour that makes your dad and I laugh every day.  Three years ago today I had no idea what to expect when you were such a small bundle in my arms.  Now you still love your hugs but you are also discovering the world around you and it makes my heart swell.  It’s such a strange feeling, missing the comfort of our once completely dependant relationship but being such a proud mommy seeing the big boy your turning out to be.  I LOVE that you love being a super hero.  Wearing your costumes until they wear out and fade in your busy little life.  You have the heart of a hero and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.  You’re the light in our lives and you brighten up our world.  Super hero’s not only rush in to save the day when trouble stirs, they are hero’s because they act as role models in the way they hold themselves in the ordinary everyday – I have no doubt that you will be that role model sooner than you think…

Happy Birthday to our little man!

xoxo Mommy & Daddy


A special thanks to Uncle Mike and Auntie Mel for all of there help and support during Jaxon’s All About Me session last night!  You two hold such a special place in Jaxon’s heart and we were glad that you were able to be a part of his memories.

I also want to give special thanks to Grandma Sanderson, who made Jaxon’s Superman cape that he can’t stop proudly marching around in throughout the house!

Here’s to Jaxon turning 3 years old today and to the many years to come as our family grows!  We couldn’t feel more blessed.




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Chung says:

Can your cape and sidekick shots be any.more.amazing???? Absolutely Looove this photo shoot!

Amy Ten says:

Awww I can’t believe I just saw this! One of my all-time favorite photo shoots. I am so happy for you guys! Congratulations!! :)

Melanie Bailey DeRuiter says:

Congrats Brandie! What a great photo shoot, you have amazing talent.

Kylie Wall says:

Congratulations you guys! Awesome shoot!

Sarah Mantha says:

Oh and…. congratulations!

Sarah Mantha says:

So cute Brandie! That “A” is for adorable right?!

Nicole Bailey says:

EEK soooo excited for you Brandie and your growing family!! PS) Love Jaxon’s super hero session so adorable and so perfectly him!! xoxo

Natalia Sirakov says:

yes, i knew it! congrats!! also, i absolutely LOVE this photoshoot!!

Claudia Jachniak says:

He looks amazing Brandie. I know what you mean by them growing up fast. I can’t imagine how we will be when our men get into school. Hehe