In the Garden | Throw back Thursday

Okay Okay… I am the first to admit that I am TERRIBLE with blogging especially my own families photos!!! I tend to get so excited to start a project and then life happens.  One of my New Years Resolutions was to catch up which will make me feel sooooo much better so here I go! Throw Back Thursday has begun again, Yayyy!!!!

These photo’s warm my heart and break it all at the same time. I look back at these and remember an incredible afternoon spent with our family in the garden and soaking up the rays but also see my little boy that is no longer so little! It’s funny, as parents we find ourselves wanting to hold onto our babies when they are so little but we also wish away time as we cannot wait to see who they will be when they can walk and talk and make us laugh with their latest stories on their view of the world. My sister who now has a 6 month old knows exactly what Im talking about. We joke as she always says I can’t wait… I can wait! She has seen this first hand with Jaxon as many of you have also.  One thing that I encourage you all to do is to dust of your camera…. no no not your Camera Phone but your actual Camera and start taking pictures of your babies (or not so babies anymore) and capture them as they are right now. Forget about them being perfect… one day you will look back at them and you will not care if they are perfect. You will see them as they are…an incredible memory that captures your little ones at that time in their lives so you can tell their story. Okay, ready…. go get your camera’s!!!!




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