Luke Riley Sanderson: Birth Story

It was incredibly hard narrowing down which photos to pick for this blog post as Beth did such an amazing job! I have looked through the entire gallery probably 100 times since receiving them just yesterday morning.  Looking through each image is the best feeling on the planet.  Honestly, I feel so blessed to have brought another healthy angel into the world and with doing so I was surrounded by loved ones who cheered me on all the way through.

Luke came on January 15, 2015 at 11:30am weighing a whooping 8 pounds 8.5 ounces. To my amazement and shock, he was in fact a BOY!!!!! For those of you who don’t know what I am referring to…. I did a weekly pregnancy journal documenting my feelings, preparations and nesting over the 40 weeks I carried Luke and I was sure he was a girl! The entire pregnancy was completely different from my first and every “Old Wives Tale” indicated that I was carrying a little girl. You can check out my journal HERE which I will be putting into a book and sharing soon!!

So at the beginning of January, our little family made the move to North Vancouver to stay with my mom until the baby came. We live in Coquitlam and delivering at Lions Gate Hospital in North Van… and with the strong likely hood that this would be a speedy delivery we wanted to take no chances and stay close by. In the final week leading up to his arrival, I suffered the worst insomnia of my life… I’m talking going to bed at 9pm and waking up at midnight fresh eyed and ready to start the day. This lead to me stay up all night and at least complete my work. Each early morning my mom would join me for tea before leaving for work and she would come into the room very hopeful that maybe there was some progress…. but like each morning… “Not yet” I would tell her.

The night before, my sister and brother in law surprised us all with the amazing news that they were ENGAGED! I was beyond happy and I think I could have woken up the entire neighbourhood with the high pitch shrill of an excited scream I gave out. After many hugs and happy tears, the champagne was popped and I decided that I would have a little glass in hopes that maybe this would induce labour. Early that morning, around 5:30am when my mom came to join me once again and exclaimed “Nothing STILL!!!?” I told her that I was actually feeling contractions every 5 minutes but I was worried that it may only be braxon hicks. So we decided to time them and some were INTENSE while others hardly there. We decided it would be a good time to let my hubby know and then call our midwives.

When we finally came to the hospital around 8am, I was worried that I was making it all up…. this just couldn’t be happening as my first labour was so fast (3.5 hours) and started with my water breaking. After waiting around with little progress, we all headed down for breakfast at the hospitals cafeteria. Though hard to get to and to sit through we enjoyed a wonderful meal and great conversation. I knew that things were starting to speed up and I wanted to get back to my safety zone. Once I was back in our delivery room, my midwife checked me out and notice that I had dilated a little bit more but that it was getting to the point that I may want to go home and have a rest until the contractions picked up. I have such a stubborn side to me so I knew I wouldn’t be going home… I was going to walk up Lonsdale from the bottom to the top if I had to. This is when both Colleen and Brynne decided to break my water and then things got real!

The transition was so intense and just as they all predicted, from the moment my water broke to the moment Luke joined our world proudly it took an astonishing 45 minutes! I couldn’t have been in a better place surrounded by my loved ones. I am not a shy person and I love to share whats special to me with others.. this is why I had so many there.

It has almost been 2 months since having my sweet baby Luke and I am praying that time creeps by. I honestly couldn’t have been given an easier child. Luke is an incredible eater, sleeper and well pooper (he does the later VERY WELL)!

James and I want to personally Thank our Family and Friends who were present and those that were not able to be there at the time for their love and support over the 40 weeks and while bringing Luke into the world. A Special Thank you to the OUTSTANDING care we received from the Midwives at Canopy of Health. Gill, Irene, Brynne and Colleen… you 4 truly are spectacular and make the entire process relaxing and enjoyable. I couldn’t feel more loved by you all and was so sad to say goodbye (until next time ;)). Beth Crossman (Little Chickadees Photography), you are an EXCEPTIONAL photographer and now friend! You have the BIGGEST heart and it shows through your work! Thank you for capturing every minute of this memorable day for us. We LOVE you and cannot thank you enough!!!

I hope you all enjoy these! They are soooo dear to me and I honestly feel a little bit vulnerable showing these to the world as it was my labour but I couldn’t resist sharing such a HAPPY day with you all!!!








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Dani Guidoos says:

What a beautiful journey you have shared with all of us.

Tanya Mitten says:

Brandie! These pictures are truly breathtaking and priceless! They will always be cherished forever by you and James! Many happy congratulations to you both! So happy for you!! :)

Torus Ananda says:

oh Brandie Sanderson congratulations on another healthy baby boy! this post brought a couple tears to my eyes especially when Jaxon comes back into the room, the look on his face is just priceless. All the best to your growing family <3

Janine Richardson says:


Laurence Shirley Crichton says:

Aaaah! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing Brandie. Wonderful moments captured on film. They will live in your hearts forever. :)

Ashley Elizabeth says:

Wow Brands what an incredible documentation of such a special day! I love it so much.

Melissa Brown says:

Oooh this made my day!! Absolute pure joy! I feel incredibly honoured to have been included in one of the best moments of your family’s story. I laughed, I cried, I sighed with happiness, and these photos brought back all of those feelings! Beth did an absolutely AMAZING job! I have so many favourites I don’t even know when to start! Brandz I can’t wait to look through them again with you and oooh and aah over them all over again! :) xoxo