Izabella | 14 days new!

From the moment I walked into Izabella’s home I was greeted with so much love. I could really feel the love in J & R’s home for their sweet baby girl and it’s not hard to see why… she is so darling!!! I think she may have been the smallest newborn I have ever photographed. All the teeny tiny hats I brought were soooo big on her sweet head. I had to do a lot of tucking:)

Izabella’s dad was a great entertainer during feeding breaks and gave me my future children’s fortune by doing the traditional chain and charm in the palm test.

And the results………..6!!!  Yes….SIX!!!!!!! first one was a boy (Jaxon), next a girl, third a boy, fourth a boy, fifth a girl and the final a boy!!! I have always wanted a big family but was thinking more like 4…. I guess we will wait and see!!!



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