Jamie’s first birthday!

When you pair a super cute little man with cake and a blue striped bow tie you get one adorable cake smash which I am sure will put a smile on your face this morning! I mean could he be anymore handsome and stylish? This little star took a little bit to dive into his cake but once he did…. we could keep him away from it though I am impressed with how clean he managed to stay!

A BIG Thank you to Lubka with For Goodness Cake by Lubka for whipping up this gorgeous cake for us. I always love working with her to make the set complete with her master pieces. You rock girl!!!! If you are looking for a cake for an upcoming event, be sure to check out Lubka. You won’t be disappointed!!


How cute is this? Jamie’s blankie had to make an appearance at least once during his big photo shoot!!! first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-3first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-5first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-4first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-6first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-7first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-8first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-1first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-9and this is when Jamie realized that Cake isn’t such a bad thing after all!!! I always laugh at these sessions as this is probably the only time in our children’s lives when we encourage them to dive into their cakes and go nuts….Ha!! I just hope that they will remember it but if not… there is photos to prove it!first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-10first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-11first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-12first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-14first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-15first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-16first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-17first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-18first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-19As you can tell by his expression here… mom and dad were such a great team making Jamie look up from his cake and give some great smiles for my camera! I LOVE when parents come ready to dance around and act silly with me. It makes for some hilarious moments and I am pretty sure these kiddos are thinking we are nuts:)first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-20first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-21first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-22first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-23first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-24first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-25After a successful Cake smash, Jamie got to have a little soak in my families heirloom bathtub! This very bathtub was the only bathtub my family had years ago before building their first home and finally having a shower and tub of their own. I could not imagine living through the depression and it makes me so grateful for what I do have every single day. first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-26first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-27Popping bubbles and splashing in the tub…. time for a nap after a BIG Eventful day:)Thank you so much Lael and Ricci for the wonderful afternoon. Looking forward to seeing you all again in the future xofirst-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-28first-birthday-cake-smash-blue-grey-boy-bowtie-portrait-29




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