Kinsley | 13 days new

I have been photographing the Blackett family since Sarah was pregnant with her first baby girl Ava and I need to pinch myself now that Ava is a big girl and now a big sister too! Kinsley is a splitting image of her big sister and sweet as can be…. wait till you see her in her daddy’s fire fighter boots…. I think I died when we got the shot and it just shows how small she was.

Coming from a family of 3 girls and myself being the youngest, I have grown up to value my sisters so much and I am so thankful that I was given 2! When Sarah and Dax found out they were having another girl, they were both so happy that Ava will have a little sister to play with and one day share clothes with (or steal clothes from in my case growing up…sorry sis! haha).

I normally never shoot in my clients home due to the amount of stuff that comes in but I made an exception for Sarah and Dax as their home is big bright and beautiful made by Dax and his company!!! Its my dream to call Dax up in a few years and hire him to build ours! A girl can dream right?!  Yep, I literally looked like it was moving in day at the Blackett house and their were many many trips back and forth to the car.

Anyways I could write and write forever about this incredible family and how much they mean to me but I will leave you with their beautiful new baby girl and her big photo shoot!!!! She was such a dream to photograph and hope my next baby will be as easy to play with as she! ENJOY and thank you so much Sarah and Dax with trusting me with your memories once again!







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