Kya | 3 days new


I have had the honour of photographing this family since Felicity was pregnant with her first baby, Quentin.  Since then I have had the privilege of watching this beautiful family grow over the past few years.  Felicity also helped James and I obtain our first mortgage on Burke Mountain and was so incredible!

I love this family to pieces and can never wait to see them when they come in for their photo shoots.  Felicity and Rans really do make the most gorgeous children so I don’t think they are done (lol) sorry guys but you ned to keep bringing these beautiful children into this world 😉

Kya was only 3 days old when she came in to see me and I couldn’t believe how incredible Fel and Rans were to packed up their to babes and drive all the way from Squamish at only 3 days from when they had their baby girl! Not only that but Felicity didn’t even make it to the hospital when she delivered Kya and ended up having her right at home!

Here is Kya, with her cute button nose, gorgeous complexion and the most kissable lips. She is a sweet heart so be careful….. this one may make you want more!!!!






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Susan Atherton Marshall says:

Cuteness overload! These are some great pictures guys! Miss you

Margaret McClay says:

Gorgeous kids! Beautiful family! I love the family pic with Kya yawning and Quentin pointing at her!!

Melanie Terry says:

Beautiful pictures Felicity and family. Congrats on your new addition