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Lennon | 11 days new

I cannot start writing this post without first stating how INCREDIBLY STRONG Lennon’s mommy and daddy are! Back in December, Lennon’s dad got news that he would have to go away for work for a few months meaning that he would have to miss the birth of his first son.  After being blessed with my second child, I now understand the struggle of raising two small children but with the help my supportive husband and family, it has made the transition much easier. I couldn’t imagine doing it on my own so the moment I saw Lennon’s mom, I said “We need to chat…your simply amazing…I really don’t know how your coping on your own”. She managed to show up early, organized and still have a smile on her face and look exceptionally beautiful! S, you leave me speechless!!!

Little Lennon, you are so so HANDSOME… my goodness!!! With the best hair, beautiful complexion and the coolest name! I am so happy to hear that your daddy is now home and I bet you are enjoying his cuddles almost as much as he is! I cannot wait to see you four next week when we do your next session now that your family is proudly all together.

Welcome to the world Lennon!!





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