Payton | 10 days new

Wowza, am I ever behind on blogging! April was a busy month with the launch of my new website (which is still in the works), Tax season and a busy month of Engagement sessions and a wedding… the blog took the back burner.

However, better late then never right?!!! Even though Payton’s mom and dad have had their images for a while now, I couldn’t help myself but blog this little sweetheart!

I always laugh because I just want to write about how much I LOVED the family and I think I sound like I am on rewind and repeat but I can honestly say that I mean it when I say I love each and every family. They all have such unique stories and we really do have so much fun during the shoots. This little peanut was very much admired by her mom and dad and you can see why. She was so tiny, and such a great little sleeping beauty.

I also loved all the sentimental props that they brought. Though I have a million and one props to select from, its always nice when meaningful props make their apperance since these photos will being treasured in the family for generations.


payton-10-days-new-1payton-10-days-new-2So this gorgeous teddy bear has to be my all time FAVOURITE family prop that has ever come in during a newborn session. This very bear was made from Payton’s Great Grandma’s fur coat and then presented to Payton. What a sincere and thoughtful gift! I will have to find out the name to the bear maker for you all because this women has skills!!!!
payton-10-days-new-3payton-10-days-new-4payton-10-days-new-5payton-10-days-new-6payton-10-days-new-7Next up is the Home Depot bucket! Briana’s (Payton’s mom) dad apparently is at The home Depot everyday and if you can get ahold of him or find him…. you can go down to their local Home Depot and there he will be. Hehe…. someone should work there!!!! Anyways, they brought this bucket for me to put Payton in and then present the photos to Briana’s dad as a gift! Such a great idea guys and I bet he loved them!!! payton-10-days-new-8payton-10-days-new-9payton-10-days-new-10Future Sports fan and  the Cutest!

I hope you guys enjoyed this new little angel and more to come today!!!!! I am going to get myself caught up if its the last thing I do because it’s not fair to keep these cuties from you all, lol 😉




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