Sparks and Dynamite in Coquitlam!

 Last week, I was so lucky to have photographed such a fun loving, easy going,  gorgeous couple! I seriously felt like I was photographing them straight after their honeymoon. There was so much love and energy to these two that I was really in awe of them. Sharon, you should model! Crest white strips are missing out on a perfect girl!!!! Your smile and heart is dynamite and its no wonder you and Matthew found one another.. you guys are beautiful!

I seriously cant wait to meet your sweet baby next month!! xoxoxoxo



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Melissa says:

Gorgeous shoot Brandz. I agree – what a good looking couple! That’s going to be one cute baby!

Brandie says:

Thank You so much Melissa!!! I cant wait to meet their little one.. what an incredible mix it will have!!!!

Wendy says:

Way to go bestie, you’re beautiful!!
Glad you, Matthieu and your wee one enjoyed yourselves ?