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The Journey to Motherhood for the second time


3 years ago I was blessed with the most precious gift; our little boy Jaxon. Around this time Pinterest was only a few months old and I was obsessed! You couldn’t keep me off of it and while browsing all the amazing meals, decor and crafts, I stumbled on the most amazing Maternity journal that a woman made for her first baby. I was in LOVE with this idea and wished I had done the same for Jaxon.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful blessing which is way to fleeting. We wish it away while we are so that we can finally have our precious bundles in our arms (and of course so the morning sickness leaves) but as soon as we have our angels, we miss that incredible feeling of life growing inside our womb. Pregnancy for so many mommas is a roller coaster of emotions, nausea, insanely strange cravings, and not to mention, our bodies go through a great deal of changes. Every second is incredible and I have to say that for me personally, I wish I was always pregnant….. but I think I would miss a good glass of wine if that was the case.

So this April, James and I discovered that we were expecting our second child and we have been over the moon ever since. Jaxon has been asking for a sibling forever and now we are proud to be doing that for him.

I knew that I wanted to remember this pregnancy in a special way, so I decided to dive into this weekly project and journal each week. It has been so much fun recording each step and Jaxon has been the best side kick for a lot of the photos! I hope you enjoy reading this very special and personal time in my life. Being a newborn photographer leaves you with baby fever all the time so finally…. this is just what the doctor ordered! I will be posting a new page every few days, so keep your eyes on here and enjoy!!!





week 5 spread

week 6 spread

week 7 spread

week 8 spread copy

week 9 spread copy

week 10 spread copy

week 11 spread copyweek 12 spread copy

week 13 spread

week 14 spreadweek 15 spread

week 16 spread

week 17 spread

week 18 spread

week 19 spread

week 20 spread

week 21 spread

week 22 spread copy

week 23 spread copy

week 24 spread copy

week 25 spread copyfb

week 26 spread copy

week 27 spread copy

week 28 spread copy

week 29 spread copyFB
week 30 spread copy

week 31 spread copy

week 32 spread copy

week 33 spreadfar copy

week 34 spread copy

week 35 spread copyweb

week 36 spread copy

week 37 spread copy

week 38 spread

week 39 spread

week 40 spread copy



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Shannon Louise Richardson says:

I just love reading your updates on your pregnancy and your pics are always beautiful! :) xxx

Brandie says:

Thank you so much Shannon!!! I am so happy I decided to do it! James and I were reading through them the other day and cant believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by! Two weeks to go!!!!