Three of us and a bear | Maternity

I am so happy that I will be finally sharing 8 new galleries on the blog today!  This spring and summer has been the two busiest  seasons since I started my photography journey nearly 4 years ago! With back to back weddings on the weekends and newborns/engagement sessions, wedding consultations during the weekdays plus caring for my three year old and enjoying the summer heat… it has been a big challenge keeping on top of things. So I know something had to be put on hold…. and that would be my blog.

I couldn’t feel more blessed to have worked with so many new families and couples as well as seeing a lot of my prior clients that I missed dearly and was so happy to be apart of their new milestones and memories! As a one woman show around here, I am often trying to reinvent my systems to ensure I keep on top of things and though I do see some of them have helped…. it has been a great challenge and so good for me:)


So here we go, I am so happy to start off the big line up of galleries to share them with you all! I hope you enjoy!


This is Christine and Victor, The sweetest couple awaiting the arrival of their first baby whom I had the pleasure meeting on Tuesday and photographing their adorable baby girl, Corinne! I had to share this gallery and tell you a crazy little side story that goes with it. While we were photographing their shots outdoors, I heard a rustling in the bushes to my left. I looked over and saw nothing but was on alert as there is only thick forest and their would be no one walking through there except something wild… and where I live, bears are everywhere! So I continued to shoot one last shot and looked over again to see a bear watching us….. I calmly told Christine and Victor “BEAR, GO NOW….” and we hurried out of the forest! I think we were in shock but the bear probably was just curiously wondering what we were doing.

We couldn’t stop laughing but it made me want to mention to all photographers out there to always be very careful when your shooting outdoors. There is so many elements we can run into and you just need to be prepared!!!!

Enjoy!!! LOVED these two and I know you will too!









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