Why Hire Me?

Top 7 reasons why you should hire a Professional Newborn Photographer in Vancouver:

If you’re reading this then you already know that you want a photography experience beyond what can be achieved with an iPhone, Android, point-and-shoot, or kit DSLR can achieve to capture those oh so precious milestone moments in your life.  You’re looking for a true professional who can capture those moments in a comfortable environment conducive to achieving breath-taking shots you will cherish for a lifetime.


To provide an understanding of the time required for each photo session to deliver the top-most product and service can be broken down as follows:

  • 1 hour – Set-up for the session;
  • 2-4 hours – Session time to give enough time for feedings and cuddles between poses.  If you are bringing another child or pet, this can make the session run an additional hour;
  • 1 hour – Clean-up;
  • 10-15 hours – Post-production.  This time includes loading, backing up, and editing your images;
  • 6-10 hours – Gallery viewing, any retouches, product creation, and ordering; and
  • 1 hour – Packaging and shipping.

As you can see, each session requires 21-32+ hours in order to deliver a professional collection of images.  To ensure I can deliver the most high-quality product and experience possible to each and every one of my clients, I only take a limited number of new clients each month to perfect your images.

Newborn safety

After years of working with so many sweet teeny tiny clients, you can rest comfortably over a cup of tea or coffee while you watch professional images being created of the new life you’ve created knowing that they are in the best of hands.  I’m often referred to by my clients as a baby whisperer because, from specializing in newborns and being a mom myself, I understand and have the patience your newborn needs to feel safe ands secure in order to position your baby into comfortable and adorable poses.

As sweet and adorable as these poses look, they take great skill and know-how to properly position your newborn correctly.  Much like you need to be able to trust your doctor or mid-wife during delivery, it is very important that you can trust your photographer with handling and posing your baby safely.  Some of the poses I create are only able to be fully realized in post-production as it would be unsafe to attempt the position otherwise such as hanging from branches, resting their chin in their hands, and posing in baskets.



In order to provide high quality images, you can’t afford not to have professional photography equipment going beyond what’s in stock at your local Future Shop or Best Buy.  From cameras to lenses to lighting to post-production, I’ve invested over $30,000 in some of the best equipment and software available on the market in order to maximize the quality of your finished product.  I also carry thousands of dollars in quality props such as outfits, headbands, jewellery, baskets, furniture, floors, and backdrops.

Experience and Education

All of the above wouldn’t mean anything without the years of experience and countless hours in academia required to be able to understand the technical and creative aspects of camera settings, lighting, composition, and positioning to truly capture professional images.  Photography is a fluid and dynamic medium, where understanding either technical aspects or composition and positioning alone will not guarantee an excellent image.  I strive to take my many years of technical and creative experiences to make these areas work synergistically together to create images that capture your precious milestones that are both beautiful and timeless.

Newborn and baby photography takes the above to an all new level and to understand one important point: not every professional photographer can be a newborn and baby photographer.  Technically they may understand the lighting and have a vision in mind of how to pose your newborn… actually getting your newborn into that position so that your baby remains comfortable and safe is another skill entirely.  Which brings me to my next experience point, post-production.

Newborn post-production requires a new host of skills and experience in order to achieve a polished finished product.  Many of the poses that I capture cannot be done safely without post-production work, and I would never recommend trying to capture certain poses without the use of post-production software.  In addition, editing images requires a close attention to detail paired with the knowledge and tools to be able to make colour corrections, remove baby acne, remove stains from those inevitable accidents, etc.



This goes a bit hand-in-hand with experience but I feel it is important to touch on this subject.  You are hiring me to create images like the ones you see here on my website and throughout my blog.  This takes years of practice to develop a style of photography that is consistent, both within each photo of each session but also across sessions.  You can have peace of mind knowing that I will capture 20-30 images, each one as beautiful as the next.

Final product

With collections that can take over 32 hours to complete, I ensure that the prints and products used to showcase your newborn art is of the highest quality.  This means that your final images will be calibrated for the most striking, colour accurate images available on the market.  After all, the real reason you’re looking to get professional photos is so you can show them off (and why not!?!).  These images are what I like to call “wall-worthy” since they really are pieces of art to showcase in your home and office.

Specializing in maternity, newborn, and baby photography, I have the greatest appreciation and respect for these fleeting moments and feel a moral responsibility towards providing the highest standard of exclusive customer service and care.  From the moment you inquire about a booking to the moment you receive your final products, you’ll notice the attention to all the little details that will make your professional photography experience an unforgettable one.


You know the old adage “You get what you pay for”?  Well, it’s very true. Brandie Coe Photography is committed to providing the best photography experience and final result possible for families. After looking through my work on my site and reading my blog and the above, I hope you will appreciate the value in hiring me to capture your precious milestone moments. Click here to book your session today – I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.” – unknown