Zachary | 11 days New!

This little peanut is incredibly special to our family! Zachary’s parents are very good friends of ours so you can imagine how special I felt to be able to capture this extremely delicate and fleeting time for them. When I met Zachary at only 3 days old, I was so taken by how alert he was! He loved to just stare at James and I and had such a calming demeanour to him. Not to mention, he is an incredibly handsome little fella!

About a week later after lots of milk, snuggles and warmth.. he acted like a champ and made my job so much fun that I got to play with some of his poses like the one in the nest !!

Jenni and Chad, Your little bambino has to be the strongest baby I have ever met and I think he is going to make the record for the fastest roll over ever! lol!!

I love him and your beautiful family with all my heart!! Enjoy xoxoxoox Brandie



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